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TriFactor's White Papers are a knowledge base of best practices associated with material handling systems design.  These White Papers written by the TriFactor's staff have been featured in 100's of industry publications and web sites.



Ten Ways to Improve Material Handling Efficiency



Considerations When Selecting a Sortation System



Effectively Slotting a Warehouse or Distribution Center



Guidelines for Choosing a Conveyor System  



How to Avoid the 12 Most Costly Conveyor Maintenance Mistakes  



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Light Duty Conveyor
Light Duty Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyor, Skatewheel Conveyors

Used to convey lightweight packages or when operation requires lightweight sections.  Also useful in setting up temporary conveyor lines.


Models Available Online:


SW / SWC - Steel Skatewheel Conveyor (Straight and Curved)

AW / AWC Conveyor - Aluminum Skatewheel Conveyor (Straight and Curved)

SSR / SSRC - Steel 1-3/8 in. Dia. Roller (Straight and Curved)

SAR / SARC - Aluminum 1-3/8 in. Dia. Roller (Straight and Curved)

FX200 - Flexible Extendible Skatewheel Conveyor 


Med Duty Conveyor
Medium Duty Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyor, Skatewheel Conveyors

Convey a wide variety of products in warehousing and manufacturing operations.  They are available in a wide variety of sizes and configurations.


Models Available Online:


19SR / 19SRC / 19SRCT - 1.9 in. Dia. Unplated Roller Sections (Straight and Curved)

19GSR / 19GSRC Conveyor - 1.9 in. Dia. Galvanized Roller Sections (Straight and Curved)

199SR / 199SRC - 1.9 in. Dia. x 9 Ga. Unplated Roller Sections (Straight and Curved)

Heavy Duty Conveyor
Heavy Duty Hytrol Gravity Roller Conveyors, Skatewheel Conveyor

Common uses include abusive applications or wide loads like pallets.  These conveyors are considered the workhorses of the industry.


Models Available Online:


20SR / 20 SRC Heavy Duty Conveyor - 2.0 in. Dia. Unplated Roller Sections (Straight and Curved)

25SR / 25 SRC Heavy Duty Conveyor - 2.5 in. Dia. Galvanized Roller Sections (Straight and Curved)

Hytrol Pre-Configured Skatewheel Gravity Conveyor, Roller Conveyors, TriFactor, Material Handling Systems, Florida

Pre-Configured Gravity Conveyor Units

You pick the overall length and width, we make sure you get all the right components.  Pre-configured units come standard with floor supports.  Available Options: Guard Rail, End Stops, and Support Removal.

Models Available Online:

Pre-Configured Skatewheel Conveyor SW/AW - Steel/Aluminum Skatewheel

Pre-Configured Roller Conveyors SSR/SAR - Steel/ Aluminum 1-3/8 in. Dia. Roller

Pre-Configured Gravity Roller Conveyor 19 SR/19 GSR - 1.9 in. Dia. Unplated/Galvanized Roller

Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor is the original “Green Conveyor” since it enables you to move product without the use of electricity.  It is called gravity conveyor because many times the conveyor is pitched allowing it to make use of gravity to move product from point A to point B.  In many applications the conveyor is installed level and the product is moved by the operator pushing it to its next destination.

The two basic types of gravity conveyor are gravity skatewheel conveyor and gravity roller conveyor.  With either type you can choose between aluminum or steel construction depending on the intended use.  As an example, companies will often use aluminum wheel conveyor in a shipping or receiving operation because it is so light weight and can be quickly and easily set up in trailers to facilitate loading or unloading.

Both gravity roller conveyor and skatewheel conveyor have a wide variety of sizes and specifications that enable them to be used in different applications.  Some of the common uses of gravity conveyor are:

  • Shipping and Receiving Operations
  • Down lines off of a Sortation System
  • Order Picking
  • Dynamic Storage of Product to facilitate FIFO
  • Assemble Lines

If you need assistance call TriFactor 1-800-507-4209 and talk to one of our experts about your application.  

Gravity Roller Skatewheel Conveyor